OF BONES values and offers the education of well-researched creation and production through the vehicles of lectures on dance film and production as well as contemporary performance technique training to all performers, including those at the collegiate level. Facilitated by Founder and Director, Hollye Bynum, this experience provides your students with the opportunity to gain distinctive skills and a solid foundation within a professional environment. Our unique, hardworking, and passionate team offers students the potential of creating long-lasting relationships with artists currently working within the New York scene.


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lecture: Intro to Screendance and the Dance Film Making Process

OF BONES || HOLLYE BYNUM values the well researched and well structured conceptualization of dance film. This dance film lecture-demonstration led by, Hollye Bynum, includes OB||HB films, interactive activities, and information pertaining to the types of screendance, the definition of dance film, and the filmmaking process in order to engage the students on the various aspects of creating dance film.


Utilizing contemporary movement and breath, to focus the mind and body, students will become present in the space and take responsibility for physical and mental choices made. Opening themselves to new experiences and connections by staying aware of their inner dialogue and the other individuals moving around them, the students will learn how to quickly access emotional motivations and dynamics to heighten and develop versatility within performance, and develop habits that will transfer to both stage and camera.